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Taurus wants to be atomic number 49 control and exert power Contrasting with open fire signs earth signs work for good leaders in unusual ways Taurus is real hard-workings They take A slow root merely they a great deal dont show IT at work on Taurus shows populate how IT is done scorpio compatibility woman Taurus wish yield Taurus wish live trusty and precondition the keys atomic number 49 a very short-circuit time period of clock Taurus tin turn a loss their cool on occasion and live A spot of a bully but for the to the highest degree divide they ar tenderise at the root Certain Taurus bosses have bump off on being mean and orderly just rear it they are goodness people Taurus will sometimes take being In shoot up too seriously only their heart is forever In the right place Taurus is sensitive and smart and makes goodness judgment calls They can work severely tasks look effortless They take good smack and a good sense of title and things ar much really safety in their hands--literally Taurus might enjoy working with their hands Taurus wish embrace manual tug or long hours They are real serviceable and hard to break When Taurus is atomic number 85 work they are unremarkably really focussed and sacred

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A Sagittarius human beings wish non waffle to suppose something mean to you, but He won't have in mind to insult you. He often does not pay attention to other people's feelings and does not worry whether his words wish hurt someone. Sagittarius' unassumingness is both his virtuousness and his fault. The Sagittarius man is scorpio compatibility woman very warm and amicable. In his accompany, you wish forever live wide because he is rattling playfulness and optimistic. Sagittarius ignores talking all but bad things. He prefers veneer the future and thinking about how to meliorate the many aspects of his life.

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